Dan Kyle


Celebrities Hidden Talents

A lot of celebrities have talents other than those that made them famous.  Here are a few dozen examples:

 Harrison Ford is an experienced pilot.  He can fly helicopters and planes.  John  TravoltaMorgan FreemanClint Eastwoodand Angelina Jolie are also licensed  pilots.

 Jolie also collects daggers and practices knife-throwing.

 Bruce Willis is a harmonica player.  He even released two blues-rock albums in the  late '80s.

 Nick Offerman is a skilled woodworker and even owns his own shop.

 Christina Hendricks can play the accordion.

 Conan O'Brien can tap dance.

 Colin Farrell was a country line dancer for CMT, and he even once taught a class.  (

 Chris Colfer from "Glee" knows how to handle a Japanese sai sword.

 Emma Roberts can impersonate a crying baby.  (???)

 Jason Lee was a pro skateboarder before becoming an actor.

 Mike Tyson has been racing pigeons since he was 9.

 Susan Sarandon took up ping pong several years ago, and even owns her own ping  pong club called SPiN in New York City.

 Bob Barker learned martial arts from CHUCK-FRICKIN'-NORRIS.

 Taylor Lautner is also into karate.  In fact, he earned several junior world  championships as a kid.

 Amanda Seyfried is an expert knitter, as are Meryl Streep and David Arquette.

 Patrick Dempsey juggles and races cars.

 Kristen Stewart can also juggle. 

 Viggo Mortensen is a painter.

 Neil Patrick Harris is a legit magician.

 Jennifer Garner can play the saxophone.

 Steve Martin and Ed Helms are both banjo players.  Steve recently collaborated with  the bluegrass band Steep Canyon Rangers, and Ed has his own bluegrass group  called The Lonesome Trio.

 Vanilla Ice was a dirt bike champion when he was younger.

 Geena Davis is so good with a bow and arrow that she ALMOST made the 2000  Olympic team.

 Matthew Perry could have potentially gone pro in tennis.

 Pierce Brosnan is a trained fire-eater.

 Ed O'Neill from "Modern Family" has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

 Justin Bieber can solve a Rubik's Cube in under two minutes.


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