Jenny Lawrence

Jenny Lawrence

5 Weird Effects Of Daylight Savings

1. More car accidents - The concept is that subtle changes in sleep patterns and circadian rhythms can alter human alertness and increase the risk of accidents.  Other studies have fund that daylight saving time can actually result in less crashes by increasing visiblilty for drivers in the morning.

2. Increased workplace injuries - This might not apply to those that work in offices, but those that have more physical jobs have been know to experience more frequent and severe workplace injuries after daylight saving time.

3. More heart attacks - A study showed the rate of heart attacks during the first three weekdays following springtime daylight saving time increased about 5 percent.  The effect didn't hapen as much at the end of daylight saving time in the fall.  Lack of sleep can release stress hormones that incrase inflammation, which can cause complications in those that are already at risk for a heart attack.

4. Longer cyberloafing - A study found that cyberloafing increased in more than 200 metropolitan U.S. regions during the first Monday after daylight saving time in the spring.  Researchers blame the shift to a lack of sleep and motivation for the workday.

5. Increased cluster headaches - Circadian rhythms tick away throughout the body each day and control the release of certain hormones that affect moods, hunger and need for sleep.  When these rhythms get thrown off, even by just one hour during daylight saving time, the human body notices the difference.  For some people the effects can set off chronic pain with cluster headaches bing triggered.

It's amazing what one little hour can do!


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