Jenny Lawrence

Jenny Lawrence

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night?  Have you been looking thru all the photo galleries from last night when you really should be working?  (I know, me too!!)  So I will admit, it wasn't a knock out night for me.  I wasn't wowed a lot.  You?  Here are my favorites:

Taylor Swift:  I thought she was the hands down winner.  She was well put together, sophisticated, the dress fit nice.  Great job!

Olivia Wilde:  She get's the "Hot Momma to Be" award.  She looked fantastic in that green dress!!

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: Best couple.  She's a hot momma too!!  She looked fabulous.

Helen Mirren:  She wins for best dressed "mature female".  She's always so classy, just love her!  I thought she looked great!

What did you think?


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