Jenny Lawrence

Jenny Lawrence

Oofta.  Close your eyes and picture this.  I'm in my kitchen (you can make it prettier than mine really is).  I'm getting ready to do some baking.  I'm in one of the upper cabinets trying to get something down and as if it was in slow motion, the glass bottle of cinnamon maple syrup goes flying over my shoulder and onto the kitchen floor...breaking.  Yep, one sticky mess!  Good news, it smelled really good!

Of course the dogs wanted to know what the heck happened!  Trying to keep them out of the kitchen was a chore!  I wasn't sure how far glass had flown and I didn't want sticky paws all over the rest of the house.  It was a hot mess.  A STICKY hot mess. 

Good luck to you as you prepare your Thanksgiving FEAST today!

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!



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